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ZedSMS Technology is a software development company that is dedicated in extending the reach of businesses by making their services accessible to customers with both internet-enabled devices and GSM-only devices. We believe that every business should be able to expand their customer base, regardless of the technology limitations of their target audience.

At the technological forefront of innovation — ZedSMS Technology was established with a passion for shaping the digital future, standing as a beacon of excellence in the realm of software development. With a relentless commitment to pushing boundaries and an unwavering dedication to client success, we have become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions that redefine industries.

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To extend the reach of businesses in reaching their clients and new potential clients.


Our vision at ZedSMS Technology is to create a world where every individual and business, regardless of their location or access to technology, can easily access internet-based services.

We strive to bridge the digital divide by providing innovative solutions that enable people in both rural and urban areas to access the information and services they need, whether they have an internet-enabled device or not. By doing so, we aim to empower individuals and businesses, promote economic growth , and create a more connected and inclusive society.

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