ZedSMS Technology

ZedSMS Technology is a software development company that is dedicated to extending the reach of businesses by making their services accessible to customers with both internet-enabled devices and GSM-only devices. We believe that every business should be able to expand their customer base, regardless of the technology limitations of their target audience.

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Discover the Excellence Of Our Custom & Tailor-Made IT Solution for Your Business Success


P2P Platform!

Unlock vibrant connections on our visually stunning P2P platform!

Web & Mobile Apps

Both Android & iOS apps

Creating digital experience Web & Mobile app Development.


Customer Relationship Management

Elevate customer connections! Harness data for personalized

Track & Protect (TaP)


It allows financial Institutions protect & tracks Fraudulent acts.


A Paperless Office

Digitization transform analog into digital using tech.


Online Stores

Unleash the online marketplace! Shop, sell, and interact digitally.

Team Members

Professional Staff Ready to Help Your Business

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